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Daily Archives: May 25th, 2018

MAY 24, 2018
Meyerson on TAP
What do you get when you put a pipsqueak totalitarian and a wannabe authoritarian in the same room?
We may never know. The Kim-Trump Singapore Summit has been called off.
To any dispassionate observer, the summit’s cancellation should come as no surprise. With John Bolton now guiding what passes for Trump’s foreign and military policy, the prospect of Trump sitting down with Kim was never any better than remote.
My own pet theory is that the summit was cancelled due to the lack of child care. Putting two nuclear-armed leaders with the impulse controls of two-year-olds together in the same room requires the presence of sober, strategically sophisticated room monitors. No such figure exists within the Trump White House, and if there are some in Kim’s entourage, we certainly haven’t seen them.
Of course, the need for such monitors is even greater now that the talks are off. The boys still have nukes, after all, and the boys are very into their toys. ~ HAROLD MEYERSON


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