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It is a poor state of affairs that we have crept backwards in politics. The idea of stealing elections has now become centermost in the minds of some voters. It wise to remember the loudest outcry is usually the source of the problem. the theory that states: “if you tell the lie long enough, people will believe it”. We are now in the midst of 3 plus years of lies and misdeeds from the top of government down to some municipalities. The aim is to sway the voters to a poor decision which is unalterable until the next election where we would have forgotten the errors of the last one. Historically we have had controversies around elections and the misdeeds have hung over us like a fog. The ability of a known miscreant to sway public opinion against their own best interests has shown how under or uninformed the public is. It appears that as a whole we have succumbed to “entertainment politics” which obscures the true nature of the candidate until we begin to suffer from their election. (as we now see with the current administration). We as a nation seem to have surrendered to the old idea of “them and us” consciously and unconsciously allowing for the rise of our baser instincts over our common sense. Some points to consider:

1. TOTUS lied about the coronavirus price:193 thousand lives, bottoming out economy

2. Tax reform for the top 1% (which includes his family and himself)

3. Pardons of convicted criminals

4. Millions spent for his “vacations” at his personally owned hotels and resorts

5. Each press conference is merely extensions of previous untruths with additions.

With all of this we (all voters) need to stop thinking along party lines and look closely at the person who wants your vote. You are electing the character of a person not the party and that is potentially more dangerous than the party (which by the way could use the outcry for or against this person as a coverer for their own misdeeds)


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