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Is it possible that we as people have lost the ability to understand when we are being conned? Look back 3 years with the advent of TOTUS. The economy was approaching a normalcy after the big hit. TOTUS took on the mantle of making the economy great and promptly ran it down with a touted ” tax reform”. This tax reform benefitted the top 1 or 2 % of Americans and corporations while pushing the middle class and lower income into an even lower income status. With the onset of a what would have been a “manageable” health situation if our “leader” had made the necessary moves required. What we got was an inept ego driven child who was concerned about his image. What ensued is a national pandemic that could have been constrained with the Federal government taking the lead (how much of an ego boost that would have been) but TOTUS chose the low road and placed the burden on the States and down played the deaths related with the disease while blaming the Governors and offering no real help beyond voodoo cures which were unproven. Then TOTUS brought medical experts before the public who when telling the truth were sidelined with TOTUS voicing his own voodoo cures. Currently on top of all 3 plus years of this administration is now pushing the idea that voting by mail is not secure and demanding that the election will be rife with fraudulent voting, this after he put a long time political backer and campaign contributor in the postmaster general position where he (the Postmaster) began to dismantle machinery required to sort mail and cutting overtime for postal employees (the post office is grossly under staffed). This tampering with the Postal System would serve to bolster the false claims presented by TOTUS regarding the post office and so called “mail fraud”. It is incumbent on ALL of us to vote and ignore the line of misinformation emanating from the current administration. We must look at the facts that our Congress and the administration are both ignoring the ongoing probes by outside actors into our election electronically. This fact alone makes our mail service more secure. Our power is to elect someone competent to lead in the White House and the Congress for the sake of our country. Remember the party’s are not as important as the people we select to represent us, a criminal or miscreant remains a criminal or miscreant once elected.


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