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Does TOTUS Know:

He is the President of the UNITED STATES?-this means ALL citizens with no distinction between them.

His Leadership (?) shapes the health of the country financially and Physically.

To be the President requires advice from the smartest people he can find, not Toadies to carry his water.

Respect for the Congress (such as it is)

The Justice department is not his personal lawyer

Our NATO allies are really allies not enemies.

The bad actors in the world are not our friends but we need to engage them to keep an eye on them

Our borders while relatively secure do not require an expensive “wall” but regular maintenance.

We need to reform our emigration policies rather than saddle our Southern allies with migrants and outstripping their resources.

We need to join our allies in propping up the poorer Nations so their residents can remain in their own country.

He is not the star of the show, just a temporary lead to keep the show going.

He should not be the Liar-in-chief, chief medical officer or major propagandist.

He should be aware that what is done to the least of us, is done to to ALL of us.

News programs are not a good source for information used to govern-That’s why you have a cabinet.

Finally no matter what a new job entails, there is always a learning curve


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