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In Reading from the various news outlets, it seems that the loudest voices are political regarding the pandemic. I am going to take a leap into an abyss and say that many of the “new” cases of COVID19 are created by those who feel that wearing a mask is unnecessary, unwarranted or a violation of their “civil rights”. What civil rights are violated when a pandemic is raging and it has been shown that masking is the best initial step to take in preventing most if not all Covid19 new cases. To be clear: prevention is the best way to reduce Contact tracing, quarantine and new infections, all of which take people power to achieve. If everyone got on board with the recommendations from the initial outbreak perhaps there would be no need for additional restrictions. The restrictions are not fair but how do we curtail an easily transmitted disease without restrictions especially when many people do not participate in the simple steps of masking, distancing and hand washing? The unfortunate part of all of this that we have a “leader?” who denies the problem because “he doesn’t want to look bad!”, meanwhile people are dying! It should be considered that all of the 3 plus years of this administration has been about TOTUS and not the American voters, meanwhile our neer do well Congress uses TOTUS as a cover for their ill conceived activities under the guise of working for the people. Now with the election in full swing TOTUS is already claiming foul after 6 months or better of offering the cheating that will occur in mail in votes (which have had no problems before) and installing a political donor as Postmaster to install poor practices and remove what’s working. Re electing this “leader” would be a grave mistake which will lead us down the path to ruin with the Congress winning and the country losing!


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