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In the progression of this years presidential race many sides of the candidates are revealed.  As an explanation,  a well known western has the perfect name to explain this spectacle ” the good, the bad and the ugly”!  Where each candidate fits is the choice of the voters. Our Congress has been the constant in these recent elections but no one appears to see this correlation. Congress enacts laws, not the president. Congress denies passage of laws, not the President, Congress funds and declares war, not the President. The President gets the blame for all manner of ills that befalls the country yet the President is in office 4 or 8 years and the Congress on average is in office 12 to 30 years. Where would you think the power to change is? Could we as the people who elect the Congress push for changes that will give us a better Congress and insist on changes in their pay, term of office,pension ans office perks? I believe we can.

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