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What kind of National representation is it when town hall meetings are filled with Hand picked attendees? TOTUS has used hand selected attendees in his town hall meetings. This does not represent the American people. These folks are not even a microcosm of America. These engineered meetings are similar to Hitler’s “town hall” meetings in the 1930’s. These meetings while not representative of America as a whole amount to a captive audience. Their  enthusiasm is similar to the audience on a game show vying for a chance to be seen or heard. This use of the population based on their usefulness to the speaker speaks to the lack of honesty by this President. Apparently it is easier to keep up a barrage of outrageous Tweets that serve only to take the focus off the real issues rather than making even the slightest attempt to Govern. It is clear that this Resident of the Whitehouse has no interest in truly Governing and uses bully tactics to affect a sense of it which excites his ever shrinking base. The executive orders issued are not really  laws but they have not been challenged by Congress as many of Obama’s were. It is easy to state forward progress while Tweeting about so many extraneous issues that have nothing to do with Governance. It is easy to excite people with lies as they can contain anything as long as people believe them. It is coincidental that Trump’s Grandfather was an immigrant and had his Grandson been President at that time what would have become of him? The worst part of this Presidency is that all actions thus far are based on fulfilling campaign promises at any cost rather than actually governing a country. A major issue is the ACA and it’s repeal which was supposed to allow for tax reform. To explain: The offered Health care changes or replacement was supposed make funding available to reform the tax code. Now the methodology  is go at these important issues in a piece by piece manner that if completed will cause  long term problems that will take years to fix.

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Paying attention to events that occur requires background on the events. The Trump administration and the related news sources have blown the Kneeling and standing with arms linked way out of proportion in that the original protest had nothing to do with the flag or military. The media(?) and administration took the ball and ran in the opposite direction. The right (an oxymoron these days ) used this as a way to create another smokescreen and provide tweet fodder for the President. MA

Jaquelin Thomsen
12 hours ago
The Hill

An Indianapolis sports columnist accused Vice President Mike Pence of using a Colts game to stage a political event after Pence walked out of the game over football players kneeling during the national anthem. Gregg Doyel wrote in a column for the Indianapolis Star that Pence had staged the walk-out as the Colts played against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday and that “Pence knew” players would be kneeling. “What, you think he didn’t know the 49ers would kneel on Sunday? Pence knew. The 49ers are the one franchise, the only franchise, that have had at least one player kneel before every game since Colin Kaepernick was the first to do it in the 2016 preseason,” Doyel wrote. “Kaepernick played for the 49ers, of course. “Doyel also noted that reporters following Pence were told to stay in a van outside the game “because Pence wouldn’t be there long.”
NBC News reporter Vaughn Hillyard, one of the pool reporters with Pence, tweeted that reporters were told to stay in a van outside the game because Pence “may depart the game early.”
The columnist also questioned how much in taxpayer money was spent on the political stunt.
“He traveled here with his usual contingent of aides and bodyguards, and he didn’t fly standby on Delta. Chew on that for just a minute,” Doyel wrote.
Pence tweeted Sunday that he left the game after seeing NFL players kneel during the anthem. President Trump later tweeted that he had asked Pence to leave the stadium “if any players kneeled, disrespecting our country.” Pence’s early departure came after Trump began attacking NFL players who kneel during the anthem last month. He said any player that kneels is a “son of a bitch” and said owners should fire any players that take part in the demonstration. Trump also called for people to walk out of NFL games if they saw any protesters kneeling.
Ann Coulter: ‘We May As Well Have An Attractive, Dignified’ President If No Border Wall

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With the recent election of TOTUS, the lies of our Congress have become  front and center. We have always (or should have) suspected that many of our representatives  lie to us on a daily basis. We now have a CIC and his administration lying on a national scale. We are hearing the truth from no one in the Trump administration due to President’s the lack of knowledge on many fronts. This has been his method of working all of his life. He listens and hears only what his limited brain power allows to stick. As a leader he reads nothing of substance and supports no one if they do not adore him. We are now faced with potential legislature that will devastate many who are already in dire straits. HIs “tax cuts” are on the neediest no matter how the administration tries to spin it. Since the repeal of the ACA died or neer do well Congress has think about reaching across the aisle ( as they should have done all along). We have come to a point where the Constitution is largely misunderstood and hardly read. Our Congress apparently does not care about serving if it does not serve them!. They are for the most part (majority party) just outright liars. There was a time that we understood that campaign promises were just that promises, once elected the “ins” did what they could but now they just lie and hope we pay no attention to them while they make their own way while socking away their substantial salaries and perk.  As I listen to the assorted representatives , I realize that they all espouse the same flawed information about taxes and healthcare. Apparently lying is the order of the day for our government officials and they do with a straight face.. They all deserve the “HUTA” award for their service*.

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*Heads up their A_ _.

America was founded on protest. The current administration was ushered in on protests yet Totus is attempting to exert pressure on protesters. This time it’s the NFL, is there anyone or thing that his President will not attack? It is bad enough that he has no idea what his “job” entails and cannot seem to do it but to spend his time tweeting on everything that can garner attention is hardly the job he was selected to do. This minion has caused a huge rift in America and has distracted  many from the harm he is doing here and abroad. It reminds me of what a certain German despot did in the 30’s (I believe Trumps family originated in Germany). The 1930’s brought us Adolph Hitler and his cohorts who murdered millions (including Germans) but made it look acceptable with lies and innuendo. We have a Tweeter In Chief  who for lack of a moral compass will have millions without healthcare, have us in wars with other countries and standing alone because our allies have been alienated by his actions. (very Hitlerian). The one thing we can be sure of is the next President will have fences to mend thereby taking time way from the work of fixing our own homegrown problems while Donny rides into the sunset with his phone in his hands exclaiming what a good job he has done. The worst part of all of this that he does not understand or perhaps cannot  the long range effect of his actions and those of his cabinet. To put a fine point on things the GOP aka Dupublicans have shown their willingness to lie with a straight face to their constituents  to get campaign promises enacted no matter the cost in human health and ultimately jobs. This administration was voted in on promises and lies and continues on that track in all its dealings. Our allies world wide are looking at us with amazement at the dysfunction and wondering where it will end.

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More lies and misinformation from the Oval office- its surprising that any of them can turn without bumping into a wall. MA.

By Tracy Jan
September 6, 2017 at 4:46 PM

It’s a long-running talking point spouted by Trump administration members and the president himself: Undocumented immigrants are taking jobs away from black and Hispanic Americans.
Hours after President Trump dismantled an Obama-era program that had granted 800,000 young undocumented immigrants permission to live and work in the United States, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders again made the claim.
“It’s a known fact that there are over 4 million unemployed Americans in the same age group as those that are DACA recipients; that over 950,000 of those are African Americans in the same age group; over 870,000 unemployed Hispanics in the same age group,” Sanders said during Tuesday’s press briefing. “Those are large groups of people that are unemployed that could possibly have those jobs.”
Here’s the problem: immigrant and native-born workers are imperfect substitutes. There is no evidence that the unemployed Americans, be they black, white or Hispanic, have the skills necessary to hold the same jobs occupied by the young beneficiaries of the five-year-old Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

“It is one thing to say that there are hundreds of thousands of minorities the same age that are unemployed, and a very different thing for them to have the same education, skills and experience as the employed DACA workers,” said Douglas Holtz-Eakin, president of the American Action Forum and former chief economic policy adviser to Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) presidential campaign.
“And if they do,” he added, “it begs the question as to why they don’t have those jobs in the first place.”
Contrary to Sanders’s assertion, he said, DACA improves the economic outlook for low-skilled, American-born workers. Without work permits, undocumented immigrants are more likely to take any job they can, even work that falls far below their skill or education level. DACA, on the other hand, allows those workers to move to jobs that better match their background, freeing up low-skilled positions.
There is just no compelling proof that immigration — legal or illegal — “squeezes out native-born workers in any systematic way,” Holtz-Eakin said. “We’ve experienced waves of immigration and still, on average, reached full employment.”
The number of jobs in the United States is not fixed. An influx of immigrant workers  generates economic growth and employment opportunities by increasing productivity, said Jackie Varas, director of immigration and trade policy at American Action Forum.
“Many DACA recipients are also more skilled than other immigrants because they possess a college education, so they don’t compete with low-skilled Americans,” Varas said.

Furthermore, said Darrick Hamilton, an economics and urban policy professor at The New School, blacks and Latinos want access to quality jobs, not just jobs at the bottom of the labor market.
“Why do we reserve and presume the bottom of the labor market for blacks and Latinos?” Hamilton said. “Many DACA recipients are full-time students not engaged in taking away jobs.”
Of the DACA-eligible immigrants over 21 years old, 12 percent have bachelor’s degrees, 3 percent have advanced degrees, 84 percent have completed high school and some college, and 2 percent did not graduate from high school, according to an analysis by New American Economy.
A Moody’s Analytics analysis of Trump’s proposed economic policies last year showed that removing all undocumented immigrants from the labor force would trigger an economic recession within one year.
Another American Action Forum study found that if all undocumented immigrants were deported, there would not be enough American workers to fill all of the jobs that would be left open. And even if all available native workers filled the open slots, the country would still be short 4 million workers.
Trump and his supporters have often pitted minority groups against one another. But there is no broad economic justification to do so.
“Cannibalizing stigmatized and marginalized groups against each other serves the wealthy interests that benefit from such divisive colonial and labor segmenting tactics,” Hamilton said.

Tracy Jan covers the intersection of race and the economy for The Post. She previously was a national political reporter at The Boston Globe.

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This is another effort to move American citizens farther away from medical care, this includes die hard Trump supporters who only see the TOTUS fulfilling campaign promises even if they and their families are harmed by it. MA.

Jeffrey Young,HuffPost 12 hours ago


President Donald Trump’s administration has taken more steps to undermine the Obamacare marketplaces it’s responsible for managing.
The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced Thursday that it’s making drastic cuts in spending on advertising for the 2018 open enrollment period on the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges, as well as significant cutbacks in funding for local organizations that help consumers navigate the buying process.
Weakening the two most important tools the federal government has to promote enrollment on the state-based exchanges ― 39 of which are run wholly or mainly by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ― is the latest signal that the Trump administration isn’t committed to serving exchange customers and bolstering the marketplaces during the first open enrollment it will oversee from start to finish.
Less awareness of the open enrollment period running from Nov. 1 to Dec. 15, combined with less help from community organizations, which have assisted more than 9 million enrollees with sign-ups since the autumn of 2013, will likely result in fewer people being covered by health insurance obtained via the federally operated exchanges accessed on
In addition, these moves could worsen the financial state of the exchanges, as sicker and costlier consumers are more likely to seek out coverage than healthier people, who may be unaware that the sign-up season is taking place.
Trump himself repeatedly has said he wants to let or make the health insurance exchanges collapse, and his administration has taken a number of actions to destabilize them. That’s above and beyond his advocacy for the Affordable Care Act’s repeal.
Chief among the destabilizing steps has been Trump threatening to withhold billions owed to health insurance companies serving poor enrollees, which has contributed to large rate hikes for next year. The Department of Health and Human Services also has used its websites and social media channels to criticize the Affordable Care Act at taxpayer expense.
And the administration previously canceled other outreach and education programs President Barack Obama’s administration created to help get out the word about coverage options and provide in-person assistance to people seeking help signing up. The current administration also cut the open enrollment period for next year to half its length from last year, giving customers less time to weigh their options.
Trump previewed Thursday’s actions at the beginning of his presidency. He took office at the end of the sign-up campaign for this year, and his new administration promptly halted rounds of advertising for which the Obama administration had already paid, which contributed to national enrollment on the exchanges falling from 2016 levels.
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services unveiled two new policies Thursday.
First, the promotional budget for the upcoming sign-up campaign is being cut from $100 million to $10 million. Moreover, a bulletin the agency released indicates that the ad campaign will include no television or radio, and be limited to digital media, email and text messages
Second, organizations with federal contracts to help consumers shop for coverage ― known as “navigators” ― will get far less money. Navigator organizations received $62.5 million from the federal government last year, but will get just $36.8 million this year, a 39 percent cut, according to a fact sheet from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
Navigator organizations will receive funding for 2018 based on what percentage of their enrollment targets for 2017 they achieved. So an entity that signed up 70 percent of their target last year will get 70 percent of the amount they expected for this year. These organizations were not told in previous years that their performance would be used to set future funding, and the cuts made public Thursday will force them to scale back their plans for the pending sign-up campaign.
The health insurance industry’s main lobbying group highlighted the importance of the initiatives subject to the administration’s cuts.
“Effective education ensures that consumers understand their coverage options and encourages broader participation of healthy individuals. Marketing, outreach, and education are critical to ensure that all consumers are aware of the upcoming open enrollment period, understand new timelines, and enroll by the deadline,” Kristine Grow, a spokeswoman for America’s Health Insurance Plans, wrote in an email to HuffPost.
The Department of Health and Human Services offered information about its new policies under embargo to reporters and via a teleconference Thursday. HuffPost was not informed of the announcement in advance nor invited to participate in the call, as other news outlets were.
The Affordable Care Act’s exchanges and the law’s expansion of Medicaid drove the uninsured rate down to a historic low. Just 8.8 percent of Americans lacked health insurance during the first quarter of this year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Tuesday. As of March 31, 9.1 million people had private health insurance from an exchange, according to data from the Department of Health and Human Services.
Jonathan Cohn contributed reporting.

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‘Tis but thy name that is my enemy;
Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.
What’s Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot,
Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part
Belonging to a man. O, be some other name!
What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;
So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call’d,
Retain that dear perfection which he owes
Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name,
And for that name which is no part of thee
Take all myself. (2.2.38-49)

This Excerpt from Shakespeare speaks of a name being a cover for what the name covers. What would we call the current Leader(?) of the free world? A person who had no real desire to be President and is unwilling to learn the job. The actions of this person has apparently a single purpose and that is to be adored. That desire has lead us to a tweet storm, campaign style rallies with no subjects, abrogation of the duties of the office and obvious support of Racism in America. It is bad enough that under our (American) system of government,  Racists have a public voice but now they feel empowered by the our so called leader. Our neer do well Congress is largely absent in this issue as they are surreptitiously eroding our rights to suit the money people who support them. Our Congress has done nothing to maintain the progress made over the years and that lack of  attention to detail has allowed the rise of Donald Trump. The staunch supporters of Trump have failed to understand that their issues should be laid at the feet of their elected officials as they have been in office for a lot longer than Donnie.  If we  as voters do not pay close attention to what the Congress is doing, we will be doomed to have  years of poor governance followed by an economic collapse. We should remember that no changes occur in a vacuum and ignoring what our elected officials do out of the public view is more important than what is presented publicly.

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This is an excerpt of an extensive article  posted in the American Prospect

Justin Miller August 24, 2017

Tax Cuts for the rich. Deregulation for the powerful. Wage suppression for everyone else. These are the tenets of trickle-down economics, the conservatives’ age-old strategy for advantaging the interests of the rich and powerful over those of the middle class and poor. The articles in Trickle-Downers are devoted, first, to exposing and refuting these lies, but equally, to reminding Americans that these claims aren’t made because they are true. Rather, they are made because they are the most effective way elites have found to bully, confuse and intimidate middle- and working-class voters. Trickle-down claims are not real economics. They are negotiating strategies. Here at the Prospect, we hope to help you win that negotiation.

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So we can see with clarity that Mitch McConnell is useless and not a legislator, he is without a doubt a self serving politician whose legacy will be remembered in the harshest terms. He is the true definition of a :Snollygoster”.MA
08/02/17 11:28 AM

By Steve Benen
The last major overhaul of the federal tax code was in 1986. It was the result of a multi-year effort, which was largely bipartisan. That’s not to say it was easy – the process was excruciating at times – but the Democratic House and Republican Senate eventually reached an agreement, which the Reagan White House accepted.
With this in mind, the Senate Democratic minority acknowledged yesterday that another tax-reform push is poised to get underway, and they released a letter presenting some benchmarks, including a package that doesn’t cut taxes for the top 1% and doesn’t increase the deficit.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) didn’t exactly welcome the Democratic recommendations. Politico reported:
Senate Republicans are sticking to their plans to pass a tax bill with 50 Republican votes, despite Democratic pleas not to be sidelined as they were on health care.
Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday reaffirmed the GOP’s long-standing intention to shield any tax overhaul from a likely Democratic filibuster by using the procedural protections of budget reconciliation.
The GOP leader pointed to the Democrats’ letter as a justification to exclude Democrats from the process. Politico’s report added that, as far as McConnell is concerned, Dems are “not interested in addressing” Republican priorities.
McConnell added, “I don’t think this is going to be 1986” – which is true, because apparently he doesn’t want it to be like 1986.

It’s worth emphasizing that House Republican leaders have, at least in recent months, suggested they don’t want to use the reconciliation process, because they want permanent changes to the tax code, and reconciliation opens the door to temporary changes (such as the Bush/Cheney tax cuts approved in 2001).
In other words, this will be something GOP leaders will have to figure out among themselves while working on the legislative blueprint.
Either way, however, Democrats seem prepared to play a role in the process, and Mitch McConnell appears to have a different plan in mind. It’s an inauspicious beginning to the broader tax-reform push.
The MaddowBlog, Economy, Mitch McConnell, Tax Policy, Tax Reform and Taxes

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Apparently there is no honor among the “alt-Right” especially if a member of  their ruling party is a person of integrity and not a blind follower. No matter that Mr. McCain is a loyal party member for all of the right reasons, his loss will harm us all as we have too few “statesmen” left in the Congress. MA

Alexander Nazaryan

Newsweek 15 hours ago

Most Americans met Wednesday night’s news that Arizona Senator John McCain was facing a dire diagnosis of brain cancer with shows of respect for the elder statesman and former prisoner of war. But to some on the extreme right, the longtime Republican is a traitor worthy of scorn, presumably because of his willingness to work with Democrats, as well as his criticism of President Donald Trump.
The attack on McCain–a war hero who spent more than five years in a North Vietnamese prison—is faintly reminiscent of the early days of Trump’s presidential campaign. During a family values summit in Iowa in the summer of 2015, just a month after he’d announced his seemingly quixotic bid for the White House, Trump lashed out at McCain: “He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”
At the time, Trump was angry because McCain had complained that Trump “fired up the crazies” during an anti-immigration rally in Phoenix.
Trending: Paul Manafort Under Investigation by Robert Mueller Over Possible Money Laundering
Trump has in no way endorsed or encouraged the alt-right’s attacks on McCain, which have thus far been limited to the fringes of digital discourse. Trump sent a statement of support for McCain on Wednesday. “Senator John McCain has always been a fighter. Melania and I send our thoughts and prayers to Senator McCain, Cindy, and their entire family. Get well soon,” that statement said.
The attacks came regardless.
“The last president for McCain will be Trump. There’s some godly justice right there,” wrote one user on the “Politically Incorrect” message board of social media network 4chan, a hothouse of right-wing memes.
“I’m pretty sure that God is punishing him,” wrote another 4chan user. “God made it pretty clear that he supports New Right now.”
Don’t miss: How to Remove a President: What Nixon Might Tell Us About Trump’s White House
“John McCain = a war mongering, never Trumper whom I dislike,” wrote a user on Gab, another social media network popular with the alt-right.
The attacks, for the most part, focused on McCain’s willingness to work with Democrats during his three decades in the Senate. Those attacks, some of which are too tasteless to mention here, speak to the utter debasement of civic discourse, particularly on the internet.

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