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Our Congress is the largest acting troupe in America. These folks spend more time in the media than the real entertainers and we pay them for it. They cannot seem to do their work with out media presence to show case their pomposity. There are issues that require discussion without fanfare until the discussion is done and the job completed. The Contempt citation of the  attorney general is rooted more in politics (and possibly race) than anything else. The idea of weapons going across the border did not start this week, it began much longer ago under the previous administration. The Congress again is playing politics and using the media to do it, They have spent countless hours and money ( ours) to discredit the current administration. It has been shown that Mr. Holder did not start this action and was not aware of it until it went wrong. Our Congress lead by the “Scamocrats” is again spending time and money on flawed information to get airtime. Our real problem now is a Congress that has assumed Imperial status on our behalf while giving us half truths to accomplish their ambitions. This is again a situation that requires investigation within the walls of Congress before airing it in the media. You may notice that Congressional leaders are not prone to retractions when they are wrong (much like Kings of old).

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