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The last post on  the misnamed “Obamacare” had me thinking about the Congress prior to Mr. Obama’s presidency. This Congress spent as much time trying to keep Mr. Obama out of office as they have blocking this Health care law, the real name is the “Affordable Healthcare Act”. Our Congress had made no known moves toward anything like this but did regularly convey the “sense” of caring about the health of their constituents. These  elected officials who serve the big donors (no surprise) while mouthing support and assistance to the masses. The  Congress could have created this Health Care law years ago but apparently deemed it unimportant. Through the years our Congress has garnered enviable benefits from the office in the form of office perks, cost of living, health care, pensions and other outside gratuities. The constituencies of these officials have not done as well since the current fiscal problems have been a long time building even before Mr. Obama was born. WE the people in our way are responsible since we never noticed what was being done or not done in our names. We expected honor from our elected officials and received deception instead. Now the Congress is gearing up to repeal the Court sanctioned  law instead of addressing the weaknesses and moving forward on fixing the economy. The repeal of this Act would negate all of the parts of this Act now in effect and putting the health of those who it affects in peril. There have been no perfect legislations in all of the years of this country but the legislators always worked to make them viable. The reason we have representatives form all States is to represent all citizens and to enact or create laws that benefit us all. These  neer do wells have made a mockery of the office since they have widened the racial and class divide in America.  I challenge all citizens to look carefully at their representatives and see the protective wall they have built around their positions.  Gentlemen- the Civil War is Over!

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