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In the formative years of the U.S. our founders wrestled with problems similar to what we are experiencing now but on a smaller scale. The difference is , even though these men had issues with one another’s views and perhaps lifestyles, they managed to put aside  those issues not related to Governing and setting up a Government and got the work done.  Despite their differences these men saw the importance of working for the (new) nation instead of against one another.  This is something that either died or gone into hibernation these days.I am wondering what is wrong with our “modern” day Congress? Our elected officials have allowed their personal interests and opinions to muddy the waters to a point of distraction. No one of us will ever completely approve of one another but most of us find ways to work around or with the issue to get the work done. It seems that the “learned ” Legislators , “Scamocrats and Dupublicans” seem to have forgotten what they were elected to do. The title of this writing is “where did we go wrong?” We went wrong when stopped paying attention to what our representatives were doing or not doing. We have allowed ourselves to be side tracked by Race, culture and religion all of which have nothing to do with good Governing. We can’t seem to get reasonable governing in spite of ourselves. An understanding of how this happened emerges from the fact that England outlawed slavery in 1777 and we made that slide step almost 200 years later and still not completely. The current occupiers of the legislature have apparently forgotten why they are in that building. We have had many years of discord in the Congress and almost always to the disadvantage of the voters. The idea that the melting pot has lost its heat indicates how far away we have moved from the tenets of  the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. It is my belief that voters need to hold those 500 plus representatives accountable by asking hard questions and demanding true answers rather than lip service.

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