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Freedom without accountability is irresponsible. We have given our Congress the freedom to advocate and act for us. This arrangement has been in place for years. We only raise an uproar when it affects us personally. This behavior  on our part has led to the current political crisis (yes crisis). Our Congress has acted with the tacit freedom of action we have given it. We were happy when they attacked certain segments that we felt endangered us but failed to see the pocket picking performed by the very body we allowed to do this work for us. The current group is composed of headline grabbers whose actual work is belied by the rampant issuance of truthful appearing sound bites. If it were possible for a deceased person to spin in their graves, then think about what the founders of America are doing now. Our Congress has become no more than soul sapping bandits without masks. We have not held them accountable and we are now seeing the results. We have been showered with misinformation while the Congress pledges  allegiance to special interests because they donate more money to their campaigns. The Congress has spent more time and money pointing the finger at one another, the opposite party and who ever the President is than actually doing their work. We have rewarded them by re electing them time after time. We are the public and it is our tit they are latched on to.

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