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“The cheaper the hood, the gaudier the patter” This was a line from a Bogart movie. Which I have heard many times yet it never registered until a recent viewing. It resonated possibly because of the constant reporting on  the Dupublican candidate for President. The seeker has a scripted set of lines and answers to any and all questions and the responses become so ritualistic as to be unbelievable. Sometimes these answers are structured to fit each location or area so the line from the movie  seems to fit. This campaign amounts to a shouting match that America seems to love. I deduced this love affair from the many “reality” , Guru, personal and judge shows that air daily. I understand that people will decide based on their gut feelings, information, misinformation, personal biases but rarely facts. Each candidate’s writers attempt to one up on the others while extorting the correctness in voting for their “guy”. The reality is that there will never ever be a perfect candidate for President. There will be candidates with better qualifications but none across the board perfect. The purpose of campaigns is to showcase the strengths and abilities of the candidate not their race, religion or wealth yet these are the basis of many campaigns nad tend to confuse potential voters while creating the air of daytime TV fodder as described previously. I suggest that we all dismiss the TV appearances and pay more attention to the written word from several sources to get a clearer idea of who each candidate is. If you really look you will see all manner of lesser non running affiliates of each side injecting just enough dirt to cause a diversion which is quickly put to rest but a distraction none the less. If a blurb from someone gets media coverage it could be gaudy patter gone viral.

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