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I have concluded as I arrive at this age and with the accumulated wisdom I believe I have collected has prepared me for retirement and a second stage of life. I see the folly of corporations  who  initially  were the bastions of our country and its progress, who have become and remained household names.  These Corporate entities  (many of them) have outsourced jobs to maintain profitability at the expense  of  the well-being of America’s workers. Then there are the financial entities who through their greed and pomposity brought the country to the brink of economic collapse while pocketing huge fees and bonuses. These actions on by both entities are not much different from the early years of our country except now we have almost instant access to their activities and the effects are literally worldwide. Currently I see Corporate heads who have no idea of the workings of the company’s they lead and make decisions that have far-ranging effects on the bottom line  of the company and the employees. This has  had fallout (fall in?) even in the political sector where we had State leaders  who in their efforts to “save” the States economies they usurped the  rights of the citizens and their lawful union representatives. These Political leaders have served the needs of the least against greater good of all of the people. It is clearly understood by everyone that there are financial issues that require immediate attention but our corporate heads and political leaders have their collective heads in limbo. Our job as voters is to constantly remind  these “leaders” that they are failing and we will make them accountable, we cannot allow the splinter groups to dictate our future just because they are more vocal. Not participating in making our officials accountable is not the right thing to do. Every voice counts no matter what your politics are. One of the signers of the Declaration of independence stated it perfectly:

“We must hang together, gentlemen…else, we shall most assuredly hang separately.”

-Benjamin Franklin-

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