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The issue of “gun” control is again in the headlines. The recent murders in Colorado only serves as an issue in who should be able to purchase and own “guns” (firearms is a better description). The perpetrator purchased all of his weapons and ammunition legally but that does not indicate that the existing regulations are flawed. What appears to be flawed is perhaps the training or lack of training in the individual. This man is certainly intelligent but troubled, this  trouble may have been noticed with some sort of face to face training in the laws and use of firearms. No one wants or necessarily needs more mandated training but each time an incident like this occurs the  cry of “gun control”  fills the airwaves and print. These individuals were all troubled as the investigations of their backgrounds revealed yet no one even suspected the actions they would later take. the solution is not more “gun control” but rather a closer examination of the buyer. We cannot expect the sellers to be mind readers or perceptive enough to determine if a person is barely on the track or will go off later. What we can expect is a non knee jerk reaction from our elected representatives. I do not believe we will ever get it right by questioning or pressing politicians to do something.  No one wants more laws that may or may not work but maybe some modifications to the existing ones that make sense.  Why not get a consensus from prominent shooters who certainly have some realistic ideas regarding screening of purchasers.

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