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Congress:” a formal assembly or meeting for the discussion of problems” as defined the American heritage Dictionary. We all know that this has not happened for years but it did not become really evident until Mr. Obama was elected. there are many people who will not vote for Mr. Obama and many who will not vote for him the second time. The reasons will vary from his seeming inability to get the things done as he promised to the Affordable Health Care act which has been misrepresented by its detractors and that same Congress who probably never read the entire act. These are valid points but uninformed, first we need to understand that a President can only propose and devise ways to move the country forward with help of the Congress. There are some areas where he can bypass the Congress but not in a significant way to move his agenda forward and not without a fight. Without the approval and assistance of Congress nothing worthwhile is ever done. To make the point: consider the fact that most of the current Congress has been in office through several Presidents and with that tenure has seen and done nothing about the current economic situation. Now that we have a non white President the Congress has become extremely vocal about the economy but still has done nothing to help as dictated by their positions in the Government. It appears to me that they (Congress) are so intent on castigating the “Outsider” that they have forgotten what their jobs are. You can vote or not vote for Mr. Obama but do it for the right reason, if the reason is Race then just say it and be done with it, if not take a look at the 500 plus people who have been in office through several administrations.

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