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Founded on the principle that all men are created equal, this country emerged from a collection of individuals who refused to be under the rule of an authoritarian ruler. This defiance culminated in a revolution and eventual freedom from that oppression. Since that time we have endured a host of skirmishes and wars that threatened that freedom and democracy. We arrive in the 21st century as a “free” country but are we? We have in the past revolted against our Government when they were getting it wrong and it appears that we have to do it again. Our leaders have failed us again and without a war somewhere their failure to take care of us as individuals and a country  is apparent. We have many factions that decry the government as being too lenient, not lenient enough, too tough or not tough enough however the issue as I see it is that we as individuals and collectively have failed to hold them accountable for many years. During those years the Government has grown to unwieldy proportions and almost incapable of supporting itself and us. The individual states have begun to rebel in one form or another  but so many of us think that they are wrong or are they? To recall the Government means we recall the Congress as their terms of office end and select people who can do what we need. This has to be an effort that insures that we remain in control of our future. We have relied on the Government to take care of us through our taxes but Government appears to be controlled more by “big Money” than the people. Democracy by definition is: Government by the people, exercised either directly or through Elected  representatives. We have trusted our elected representatives to actually represent us and they haven’t for years. The solution is the vote which we can effectively use to change the status quo in our favor. We should not allow any pejorative feelings to prevent us from installing the right people to do the work of the Government and to look at our own needs and the relationship to what is good for all of us. The hand in the Government pocket is ours.

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