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Talk show host Steve Allen (doing man-on-the-street interviews): If a person, seriously now,running for the presidency of the United States revealed that he was an admitted heterosexual, in all honesty, could you vote for him or her?

Woman on the street: No,no Way.

This is designed to be humorous but  there is truth in it. How many of us really understand how the political election process works? Yes we vote our choice for whatever reason we chose to use but the influence of the speeches, debates and the constant barrage of media assaults of all types are factors. The rhetoric is the biggest culprit as there are terms used that many of us have never heard before and will not again until the next elections. It seems that many people have a problem chosing without being given some mitigating words to latch on to. There are scores of people in each campaign camp whose sole job is to create speeches and talking points using words that mean one thing and possibly give the impression of another meaning. In the humorous example above: heterosexual is not the same as homosexual but the person answering has confused the two. How many times do you think this has occurred during an election season? Our processing  of the information provided by various sources is based on our perception of the facts rather than what is actually true. An educated voter is one who reads beyond the usual items in print and peeks under the skirts of the visual presentations.


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