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Many lessons in school are learned by rote yet we often forget them. The single lesson (s) we cannot seem to remember is that ALL politicians lie! There are no honest politicians. There are some who have better values but each one of them has “fudged” the truth when speaking to constituents, this fudging is often used to “protect” us from the real truth which they seem to believe we cannot handle. We voters are all adults and even if some are newly minted , we are not ignorant to the facts of life beyond our front doors. The modern world is so inundated with media coverage on all events from the mundane to the sublime so few events remain uncovered. The only exceptions are the ones our representatives do not want us to know (to protect us and themselves).  Illinois has a reputation as a corrupt state but that reputation is mislabeled as the State is  not corrupt, it is the policy makers and political “movers and shakers”. This is evident by the Governors closing of prisons, failing to fairly negotiate with the trade unions  and other missteps due to errors in judgement. These problems do not belong solely to the Governor as much if not more falls directly on the shoulders of the State representatives, a recent example is the vote of an absent representative entered by a colleague. This was explained by a statement that this is done routinely and is no big deal. If the representatives cannot be on the job when necessary, why do we need them? One more time, it is incumbent on the voters to correct this situation by removing long serving legislators and electing new ones who serve at our behest and will correct the ills of the past. The first item on the agenda should be term limits, salary and perks review. The primary effect this will have is no more pensions for lawmakers as most if not all of them have careers that pay them well enough.

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