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MF,  2 letters that often in conjunction with others or alone can be descriptive of something, someone or a situation or occurrence. For example in the movies IMF refers to the”Impossible Missions Force”, this is the fictional agency that performs missions under the covert auspices of a government (U.S?). These missions are usually to right a wrong or wrongs that would affect the first & third world countries.  A more well known use of those letters are usually descriptive in derogatory way using  a parental reference. Another use is the same letters to emphasize a dislike for a situation or a person. This use can and has led to violence. The same usage has been used in the course of a violent action such as a fight or argument. When used (properly?) these letters can convey a deep feeling  for or against a subject, item or person.  So if someone refers to our Congress as those “MF’s” it is not a compliment.

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