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The recent uprisings in the middle East over a film distributed by an American(?)  has effectively played into the hands of  the extremists of those areas. The film which shows the prophet Mohamed in a bad way. This film released in Arabic at a time of mourning and observance for 911 and when  dissidents of several countries are waging war against their governments. The initial thought is the film was aired to create just such a response but what if it was released for political purposes here and abroad?  Could it be local or middle eastern in origin? The result of the films release has supplied  the radical dissidents with the fuel they need to  riot and destroy any diplomatic progress made to date. Their sole  purpose is only  to have extreme Islam in place , ignoring the rights and needs of the population. It appears that this film has assisted these extremists in the pursuit of their way or the highway attitude. Each country that has had an upheaval and removal of a dictatorial leader has condemned the actions in Libya and other areas. These reactionaries mirror the sects we have in America who often disguised as ethno religious in nature are not much different from the thugs who have attacked the U.S. and other foreign embassies. As the background on this film develops the person behind it is still hidden behind aliases and other covers much like any other subversive.  The rumors as to the identity of this person is still being investigated and we may find that this is yet another member or leader of a radical element.

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