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During 17th century England industrial revolution there several uprisings against the machines there were put in place to replace the workers or at least some of them as the machines were more efficient on producing the work. The uprising workers were called “Luddites” after Ned Ludd,  a real person  who was as romanticized as “Robin Hood”. This folk hero was supposed to have wrecked several machines in rebellion against the machine age. In modern times we have not had a situation such as this but we have had strikes against company’s for layoffs, moving out of States and the United States. these workers could hardly be considered “Luddites” yet the resemblance could be construed as the same. The difference is that any outsourced, downsized or laid off worker can obtain other training if they want it and if it is available. The jobs picture in the U.S. is not rosy and has not been for sometime but the available jobs are geared toward learning a new, different or improving on existing skills. The only additional education required is usually what is needed for the new position and many States have local agencies  available to provide what is needed to achieve that end.  With such resources available why is unemployment still high? part of the equation is location, part of it is “luddism”, part of it is age and health. Another factor is that many have stopped looking for employment.  It may not be a stretch to say part of it is a narrow focus on one’s abilities and lack of flexibility in the search. What else can be done except to inform, train and educate ?

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