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ST. LOUIS (AP) – A coal producer owned by a longtime critic of President Barack Obama’s energy policies will lay off nearly 160 workers at Illinois and Utah mines, blaming the freshly re-elected president for a “war on coal.’Ohio-based Murray Energy Corp. said in a statement supplied Friday to The Associated Press that it would give pink slips to 102 workers at its West Ridge Mine in Utah and 54 at its underground mine in the southern Illinois town of Galatia. Both mines are run by Murray Energy.

The above excerpt indicates the racism in America. This mine owner would rather lay off workers and devastate families than make an effort to produce coal. The president has never said “stop using coal”! The Presidents aim is to use renewable or green sources of energy. At this time we are years away from the everyday use of these sources, meanwhile it would be prudent for this mine owner to keep mining coal and possible looking into more efficient production. It is not a stretch to think that this owner is probably anti union and would if possible remove all safety measures to save money.  This is the type of business man who would blame a mining accident on the workers. If Mr. Romney had won the Presidency would he have fired his workers? If not then his actions are racist.


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