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Fast food and beverage store tend to have an extensive menu which involves an assorted selections of the same product. Fast food should be just that- fast. It is not fast when you have to study the menu to purchase a sandwich or a beverage. To order a burger should be as simple as: burger with cheese, fries (if desired) and the basics ie lettuce, tomato and/ or pickle. Instead you are asked if you want fries or have it supersized.Currently you have specify: no pickle, no lettuce or whatever else you want  or not. . If you go through the drive through you are lucky if the order is correct when you get it. Looking at the beverage shops. what does it take to get a cup of coffee? Instead of getting a simple coffee, its 20 questions such as half caf latte, 2 or more shots of foam and or some flavors such as caramel, mocha, hazelnut etc.  If you want any of those things then  it’s the ritual of itemizing your  preference and waiting until it’s done. Sorry all you folks who frequent these places but my preference is buy coffee at a store where you can have it ground and cook your own burgers. You will find that the experience is rewarding.

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