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All of the individual and collective issuance from various Legislative and economic sources are at wide variance to the real issue. The bottom line issue is that tax cuts and  increases are not the whole answer. The current tax code is so convoluted that almost all of the proposed changes to the budget could be corrected by a competent revision of the tax code. As an example many of us would find it hard to believe how long the human intestine (large and small) really is. We do not know because it  is in a side to side pattern to fit. This is similar to the tax code as it is also folded to fit. The changes made over the years are made to fit the current code and there have been no real changes  made toward improvement. Many “new” parts do not mesh well with the old ones and create a situation of  ambiguity in interpretation. The IRS interprets each return according to the numbers matching using the total income and the deductions associated with it. There will always be errors due to a misplaced number, lack of a form or  some other mistake. We need a fiscal shift that will revamp the tax code to modern standards, this will create a better revenue flow and possibly eliminate the need for tax increases.

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