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Many retailers (mainly the national outfits) hire and install a survey program. These programs are supposed to assess the customers thinking about the shopping experience, the company and its individual stores. These surveys usually do not really address the real issues ,just what the company wants to know about the stores and employees. The reason is to determine why the company is not doing as well as they would like and the sales predictions are not where they should be. These surveys never address the real problems. One is the seemingly increasing number of  product placement issues (resets) aside from the normally expected seasonal ones. The real information will only be obtained from the workers yet the folks hired by the companies at great expense to “read” the minds of the customers is used as a barometer and is flawed. Retailers to save money and improve the bottom line have increasingly used technology for that purpose but the tech experts who may have no retail experience to draw on are a poor substitute for hands on information. There was a time when the hiring process truly involved a new hire being trained  through a process of steps which brought them in contact with various stages of the company functions. This staging allowed for a clearer picture of the company processes and ultimately creating a better employee who can better serve the company along with its customer base.

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