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The Springfield Urban league has committed a seemingly planned slap in the face of its area of service and it’s Head Start employees. The annual Gala (now called anniversary) has as guest speaker  the U.S. Attorney of the central District of Illinois. The speaker is Mr. jim Lewis who in his career has been a civil rights advocate  and Head Start worker with a grand reputation for fighting for the rights of minorities. They (The Springfield Urban League) in my view have contrived to smear a coat of fresh paint on their faces to hide the evil deeds they have heaped on the community and it’s residents. Mr. Lewis’ background would make him an excellent choice for the speaker if the league were a better community based organization. Mr. Lewis’ appearance while not mitigating his accomplishments adds an  air of approval for the “League’s actions” of the past few years. I am sure if Mr. Lewis knew the poor track record of the Springfield Urban league, he would surely have declined this invitation.

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