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The onset of aging  (hopefully) with grace is or should be the destiny of us all. The one thing aside from all other infirmities we may encounter is the pain from our youthful injuries. Commonly the cure for this event is limited to a several daily doses of a OTC pain reliever (anti inflammatory). In extreme cases a prescription may be required. This onset while unpleasant is the bane of us all to some degree and some of us are lucky enough to forego the pleasure.  Unfortunately there are varieties of this unwelcome visitor which have potentially devastating and debilitating effects yet we seem to know less about it  and many of us fall victim to the least form and use it as a crutch. I would guess that most of us take our medicines and move on while others fall into the rut of inactivity as an excuse to avoid the pain of activity. It has been proven that despite the pain (unless it is too severe to stand) activity is a helpful adjunct to whatever medication you have to take. This infirmity if you did not know is arthritis, sometimes just called “ARTHR”. If you haven’t had the pleasure, keep in mind that any injury incurred in your youth could return to remind you of its effect by the twinge you get when the weather changes (usually damp weather). Welcome to Seniorhood!

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