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The Chicago city council has again made erroneous statements regarding reasons to not have concealed carry. One council member made this statement: “Guns already are too plentiful on some neighborhoods’ streets. Alderman Roberto Maldonado said that while a concealed carry law would not allow gang members with criminal backgrounds to carry guns, the gang members could prey on law abiding citizens and steal their guns. Or, he said, they would have greater access to guns than ever before because their friends and relatives who do not have criminal records would be able to carry concealed weapons.” I wonder if these Council members  understand that illegal means illegal and if as stated  the gang members will use their friends and families to legally buy firearms then why aren’t they doing it now? or if they are then the concealed carry law will  effect NOTHING. It is apparent that the council members are reacting in a “knee jerk” fashion while the reason for the ban on firearms affects only law abiding citizens who cannot rely on protection from the police. How many of the council have firearms and even body guards? It would make more sense to adopt a concealed carry system and perhaps have an idea of who is on the side of the law instead of attaching bounties on firearm  and ammunition purchases by already legal firearm owners. Is the city of Chicago so afraid of its citizens that they are not willing to form a partnership in protection of them and their families?

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