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The Washington Marathon is a major event often accompanied by the Washington Two step or the D.C. reel. A little heralded athletic event occurred in Washington D.C this week . The “running of the Congress” is a great event that has gained major significance over the past 3 to 6 months. Our Congress has tacitly avoided doing their jobs for  a while. These past several years have seen the Congress have their way with us regarding the economy, elections and who knows what else. These Needers and buskers have spent more time on the air and in the media “defending” their views than doing the actual work we pay them so dearly for. I wonder what kind of Xmas they are having in comparison to a majority of Americans who are affected by their inactions. It seems to me that these folks take every opportunity to avoid their work such as the Susan Rice issue, which turns out be someone elses fault (if there is any) but look at the time spent in pursuing something that did not require the time. That is time that could have been spent on the economy. Government is broken and we all know it but the disconnect is clearly in the Congressional halls. Election is the only and best remedy we have to correct this situation.  Voters who do not see the folly of party line voting need to take the blinders off to see all of  the issues involved. The actions of Congress has taken  the air of  an advertising on the scale of drug manufacturers touting a new product and telling you to ask your doctor about it..

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