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Anyone with common sense and a moral compass can deduce that “gun control” works only for “rational” people. Putting armed guards in schools will not and does not work. We have more “on the edge” people who have access to firearms through purchase, inheritance or personal ownership (while rational) than we can count. It seems that no one can see the potential for reducing or erasing the use of firearms by mentally compromised individuals through a more comprehensive screening process. This is an expensive proposition but what is a life worth? How to do it is better left to experts but I see in the eyes of the few perpetrators shown in the media a quality that would tell me that there is something wrong with this person. This is very unscientific but it is certainly better than allowing access to deadly weapons capable of murdering masses of people. I am in agreement that high capacity magazines (defined as more than 8 rounds) and the weapons that use them should be restricted to law enforcement and the military. It may be cool to own and shoot them but in the wrong hands we have tragedies such as “Aurora and Newtown. These events along with the ensuing one in Upstate New York  should be enough to create reasonable legislation to control access and ownership of high capacity weapons

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