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All of the recent writings I have offered and the many high profile (for better or worse) pro and anti firearm people serve to show that this issue is more like a dog with a bone. We just keep gnawing and gnawing but never making any substantial headway. The solution is a lot simpler that it appears because the talkers are each jockeying for position as being right. There is no right for the many people who have been killed or injured in the several recent and past firearm incidents around the country. The bottom line as I see it is the lack of  attention paid to the people young and old who have known and perceived mental instability. This lack is due in part to laws enacted ( or not) by States and Federal government that could have allowed these people to be properly treated or hospitalized if needed. It does not matter that our health care system is still not as good as it could be due to the many resistive  elements from State to State and in the (gasp) Congress. If these energies were directed toward  solutions, think of where we would be.

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