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The recent murder of Ex Sniper Chris Kyle is a tragedy for America. This combat veteran devoted his time to assisting fellow vets with after service problems and was killed by one of the same veterans he was helping. This tragedy points out the need for more professional help on the part of the military for the discharged and active members. No matter what so called firearms laws exist or will exist, the mental state of veterans and others is a big unresolved issue. It is unfortunate that it takes a tragedy to bring the mental health part of the problem to the front-again. The NRA and others have seemingly failed to grasp the idea that no one in Government is trying to put more laws on Fire Arm owner, the impetus is focused on keeping weapons out of the hands of persons who should not have them. The many State and Federal laws which many firearm owners have just a small amount of knowledge about need some adjusting so they work as first proposed. The divide between government and pro firearm factions is  resolvable if the “I am right and you aren’t” attitude goes a way.  We already know that the criminal elements will never, ever register a weapon of any sort but seem always be able to get them. The legal forearms owners and purchasers pay the price for it. The legal firearm owners pay again when these assorted reports on proposed or just talked about new or improved fire arm laws creates a flurry of demand  further boosting prices on firearms and accessories. This on top of asinine proposals like a tax on firearms and ammunition above what is already paid. There needs to be a more respectful legacy for folks like Chris Kyle who spent his military afterlife doing what the military should be doing.

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