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As a Nation,we now have more balls in the air than a circus juggler.The economy still looms big, the current cabinet appointments, a close second and Firearm violence a extremely close third. We still have the same Congress give or take a few. These seat fillers are continuing their losing(for us) ways by using the media to counter attack the administration but doing nothing to help resolve the issues facing the nation. Are any of these objections relevant? I do not believe they are. If the Congress (by the way a troop of Baboons is also called a Congress) were a true legislative body with the interest of their constituents and the country in mind then the time spent hitting the airwaves would be used to resolve the problems. These folks are in election mode  24-7 and not spending enough of that time doing what they get paid quite well for. There have been suggestions of limiting the terms of the Congress but that requires legislation which the Congress has to propose and enact. We should realize that this will not happen ( in our lifetimes) but as voters we have that power and only need to vote against them to affect change. The Presidents will come and go but the ineffective Congress will go on unless we stop them. Step one is remove the party line from your memory and use your own judgement on what is correct. Remember if it sound too good to be true then it probably is – a lie is a lie  is a lie no matter how it is presented. We have unfortunately depended on our legislators (State, Federal and local) to take care of us but due to the natural greed  and self-righteousness of men we have the modern day Ineffective Congress.

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