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I recently sent this cartoon around to many of my friends and family, I received a reply from my Firend Martin along with a couple of his limericks.

Free Range

THis cartoon prompted a reply from my friend Martin, these are his m  limericks that have been published in his local paper.

Limerick Commentaries


Martin Egelston

Fiscally sound, or sleeping on the job?

Certain Congressmen are using tricks of the tongue to describe their office slumbering as fiscally responsible acts.   It is unhealthy physically and fiscally.

One fifth of Congressional males,

Do sleep where they work without fail.

It adds twenty grand

For their work in dreamland,

And exemption from this taxing detail.

Battle Creek Enquirer 1/30/2012

Vagabonds, Our reps on the Hill


Abel Oldsworth, my reticent friend, wonders if Congressional members could be more effective if they were present at the Capitol more days than they are absent.  Who supervises them?  His penned words indicate that he does not have and answer


Many members of Congress proclaim,

They are pure of the Beltway’s domain.

So they spend three days there

To get time for elsewhere;

Now who knows what they do in the main.

Battle Creek Enquirer 3/10/2013


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Please Donate

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