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A well known hair product was touting shampoo for “colored Hair”. This ignited a minor brain storm featuring: “what is colored hair”? Is the implication hair that is dyed, tinted or ethnic? Could colored hair be colored? What is “colored hair”?  All questions that are answerable in several ways and with several meanings. Examining “colored”, there are no colored people, there are people of assorted human color hues from pale to dark. The general  thought about color is anyone who is not “white” is colored yet the question is what is colored and what is white?  White as a human description isn’t the skin tone could be likened to the flesh tone found in a box of crayons. That is definitely not white but is a color!, considering the anthropological findings over the years we are all “colored”. These findings and possible revelations could serve as an indication that we have been doing it wrong all of these centuries and all over the known world. Modern man with all of their learning is no farther along than the first communal settlements where the differences were relegated to different villages with no color involved. War between villages existed and possibly slavery yet there appears to be no evidence of color bias just geographic, cultural and religious differences.

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