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Why is that elected officials at all levels are good at creating ways to pay for services by raising fees and taxes  yet never reduce their own incomes from the jobs? A case could be made that they pay those same fees and taxes but do we know for sure? I would like to believe that they do but with politics being the ruin of many, that belief is hard to come by. There is no doubt that the cost of everything has risen due to a number of factors (greed being one) but there are still many areas where the previous funding was ill-used or outright stolen. We have multinational companies who have outsourced us into poverty while pocketing big profits. We have investment agents and their companies who do not have enough common decency to consider the effect of their greed on their neighbors, friends and family. With all of the recent and near recent turmoil created by the past administration along with the high placed hangers on, you would think that the still sitting Legislature would attempt to clean up their act but such is not the case. What appears to be the norm is “wait a while and people will forget”.  We should never forget that we elected them and we and only we can get them out. Disregard their homilies and rhetoric as they all turn out be lies, even the most honest of elected officials fudge some but not to the extent that we have seen in the past 20 years. I ask that everyone pay particular attention to the promises made during election and the reality of what is possible. We have endured a war in the 60’s and 90’s along with several excursions sprinkled in, with a net loss of lives and money for the country as a whole. Now today we still have the political factions moving at breakneck speed to continue their misaligned actions. The end result is a United States that is fractured and in need of good leadership. The only way to get is  read, listen and vote.


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