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In my life’s trek, I have met many people who have opinions ands are opinionated. For clarity: an opinion is a belief based on what seems to be true or probable but not certainty.. Being Opinionated is an obstinately held belief regardless of truth or reality. I believe (opine) that many of  us younger than 40 years old cannot afford to be opinionated as they have not had enough life experience to earn it. Now with that in mind, there are many older people who do not qualify to be opinionated because they  while having life experience cannot or will not accept any new information that would change their opinion. Being human uniquely qualifies all of us to form and gather opinions but still retain the ability to alter that opinion as information becomes available, its called learning. So when we opine about religion, race, sex or politics there needs to be room for change in that opinion or we miss some of the fine points on the many subjects that appear before us in print or on the airwaves. This narrow focus is why we have the ineffectual Congress in modern times (past 30 years or so). Our Congress has offered and altered (when possible) opinions on important  issues to the point of confusion on what the issues really are. So to opine is great but leave the door open for change.

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