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The Republic of North Korea has continued to rattle sabers while its people starve, the current leader appears to be seeking a confrontation which as I see it will devastate it’s already shaky economy and kill off many more of its citizens. The Republic of North Korea  while seeking parity on the world stage has failed to gain full acceptance due to its human right record and its aggressive stance towards South Korea. Is it possible that  the North is looking to star a war that it cannot win in order to gain  after conflict reparations? The past allies of North Korea has all but abandoned them in favor of  peace and prosperity, leaving them isolated. The current regime is either looking for a way forward on the backs of their population or just extraordinarily inept. Looking at several other Radical countries where the population is living at poverty subsistence or lower, they all  have similar regimes and leadership. Once this leadership is removed,  its governance altered or completely changed , the fate of the people surges upward. Now to something local, the Dupublicans (commonly known as Republicans). There have been several loud profile Dupublicans have  voiced opinions on what we should do about N. Korea (remember the WMD’s?). This alone is not all that ails the Dupublicans, they have from one side of the spectrum to the other have uttered racially charge statements and vaguely apologized. Rand Paul  went to Howard University and spectacularly failed to win anyone over.  The problem appears to be  the inability to connect with anyone who is not white, rich and out of touch. This is not the Republican party of Abraham Lincoln but the Scamocrats (Democrats) are. To make a further point –  Look at the last 2 National elections, the anger , vitriol and  bigotry (not so closeted) against Americans who were not so “Republican”  (read what you want into this). We have an opportunity to make changes in government but only through the vote as our elected officials will not change until we change them. We need to ignore the high profile pundits who have no good agenda except their own.

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