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Where did we go off track? English in its various dialects and regional idioms appears to be sliding into another variation that is unlike the considered “standard”. I am not talking about British English, early American English (puritan, etc) or the Constitutional english (which few people understand). We now have “LOL ,GTFO, WTF and LMAO”. We also have the term “trending” instead of  “breaking news”. We have Vetting instead of investigating. Most of us “ordinary Americans” have no idea of what many of these terms mean and may possibly never know what they mean since so many have nothing to do with everyday life as we know it. I still feel a warmth when just talking to other ordinary folks who speak a variety of American English, it is so imbued with what American English is: the accents, the pronunciations and inflections. The English of America in all of its forms is what everyone should be speaking no matter what their “trending” life status happens to be.

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