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We have the Venerable (?) Mr. McConnell who contrary to the wishes of his constituents voted against additional background checks, then we have Mr. Mc Cain who wants us to interfere in Syria’s affairs on unsubstantiated use of  chemical weapons. Meanwhile the sequester goes on, the sequester that these two and their cohorts could not bother to stop by making a budget (as is their duty). Term limits are the purview of the voters not the Congress and we as voters have not exercised that option due to our inexplicable loyalty to our “Congressional representatives”. Apparently many of us have had brain damage, suffered an extra terrestrial abduction or we have blinders on, since we have kept these seat fillers in office much too long. On the other hand the small band of rebels (if you will), Tea party, et al. have managed to sway the 535 to their way of thinking and against the majority of Americans. We (other voters) are falling victim to specialty voting blocs who have no other interests than their own. These are the people who move and shake because we took our eyes off of them (due to the smoke and mirrors of campaign rhetoric). This is why our current President has had to work doubly  hard  to get anything done. This would have happened to anyone in the office right now but coincidentally with Mr. Obama. It is time for the American public (us ordinary folk) to take notice and boot the bums out!!


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