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Our constant bombardment of information on  immigration, taxes, fiscal cliffs, sequesters and other stuff that is presented in “government speak” requires us to either dismiss it or translate it in to our perceptive understanding which is buffered by media interpretation or spin. As voters and citizens we  need to take the lead and under stand what we are hearing and seeing (seeing is not always what we see), to do this, we can make assumptions (which are wrong most of the time) or we can read whatever we can to flesh out what information we have. Our politicians, the assorted  aspirants and the background supporters of all sorts ( who try to influence and sway the election of their favorites)  spend billions of dollars to convince us that we need  them to tell us how to vote and why. We (voters) need to understand that every day the political machine ( and their minions) is flooding the newswires with as much disinformation as possible to “persuade” us vote as they want. The real control over who is elected is in the hands of the voters (us).


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