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Suppose we remove politicians and elected officials from the equation of leaders of the vast number of countries, island republics and city states?  What if we all as human beings spoke one language?  This premise comes to mind when you hear the various commentators, pundits, experts and ex representatives to various countries, you hear  an underlying theme and that is the people  (civilians)  who  suffer the most in these conflicts are not being represented by their  spokesmen or women. The people who through lack of education and ability to have a say, have  better solutions than  anyone yet are not heard. If we all spoke one language, I believe  many of the conflicts could be resolved. Culturally  and spiritually  we would still have differences and yes we would still have radical sects but one language would allow the calmer heads to prevail and increase the global cooperation that is needed. Our elections have become popularity contests that do not always end well no matter who is elected. We have had so many  years of subterfuge and  misdirection that we no longer can see the forest for the trees. We are required by our conscience to do the right things in life , when  we  have occasional mishaps or errors  we have survived and thrived. The average person anywhere has the same goals in mind and that is living a good life, raising healthy children, educating those children and performing a service to their community through work and volunteering. Unfortunately we have all relied on the political system to work and it has not and we have had  many opportunities to correct that and have not. To put a finer point on this: the Dupublicans have and are spending more time on lost cause that tend to rile the electorate than solve problems. The Dupublicans as I see it are gearing up support for the upcoming Presidential election. With that in mind, no positive efforts are being put towards doing what is required to move us forward. When the election season rolls around , all that will be heard are the outcomes of these ongoing and unnecessary hearings and airings will be the focal points. If you are old enough to remember Watergate, McCarthy hearings and a few other “celebrated” Congressional issues have been  all the Dupublicans issues yet we  cannot seem to see the truth. If we think breaking and entering is ok for a major political then we should all vote Dupublican, if we think calling celebrities and others to Washington because of their personal beliefs (in the belief that they are communists), then vote Dupublican and if we feel that the current uproar over the Benghazi attacks is anything but a witch hunt, the vote Dupublican. Remember these are the same folks who got us into a 10 year war on literal Hearsay and has publicly espoused the idea of going into Syria (another war) while desperately trying to cut funding for the needy (Medicaid, headstart and other programs). What is that they want other than another opportunity to further lower the middle class out of existence?

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