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Today several opinions on a variety of subjects prompted me to write that most of us have the same thoughts and opinions on Government (or Lack of), business failings and perhaps our neighbors. Where we fail is not acting on our opinions by writing to our Representatives when we feel they are remiss in their duties, expressing how we feel when a business fails to deliver the basic services they so proudly crow about. As for our neighbors. a simple wave or hello will usually cure any ills in that area. The basic premise here is we complain but do not vote against incumbents no matter how long they have been in office, longevity in office is where our elected officials go astray. They seem to develop a “laissez faire” attitude towards doing the government work (which we pay them well for). I urge all Americans who vote to begin the renewal of our Government by voting the old timers out (anyone who has served 2 terms), write, call or e mail your representatives when you do not agree with them. When we do not let them know how we feel they do whatever they want and many times against our wishes and desires. Since most of us have the same opinions in general we need to voice these opinions whenever we can. The various PACS, parties and other groups spend millions persuading the Government representative to do what they want and not always to our benefit.

Please Donate

Please Donate

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