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The current Congressional onslaught on the IRS by Congressman Issa is at once ludicrous and too public. This issue requires a closed investigation to determine the facts before airing it in public.  Mr. Issa one of the many Dupublicans who have bucked the President at every turn regardless of the correctness of the Presidential initiatives on anything. Currently the IRS is the target and the push is on to determine if the Whitehouse is involved. These are the same Dupublicans who brought us the “sequester” , who brought us the WMD’s, the Iraqi “incident” and lately a push to go into Syria. Wouldn’t the voters be better served  working with the President and others to do what is proper for the country going forward? The same political party is in the forefront on cutting the farm bill to reduce the assistance to low income folks who have to use food subsidies (SNAP), among those users are senior citizens, unemployed and under employed voters. I am of the opinion and have been for some time that we ALL need to change how Congress works through our votes. All is required from us is not voting for incumbents but for who may be campaigning against them. We cannot  continue to go along with a Congress that has no agenda concerning our well being but continues to reap the benefits set forth by them for them. If Socrates were alive today he could have a hundred lanterns in the Congressional chamber and still be in the dark and searching.

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