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The IRS is on the hot seat due to doing its due diligence. There may have been some overstepping but it is not political as the Dupublicans are attempting to portray. This is not to say that the Scamocrats haven’t done their share of “stuff” but the Dupublicans have been involved the last couple of IRS incidents. The IRS has been in need of reform or reorganizing for a number of years yet Congress has been remiss in getting that on the agenda. Now that some of their “contributors and backers” have been on the receiving end of  IRS scrutiny, reorganizing has emerged  as a priority. The IRS has a simple method of examining returns and that is to look at several lines of the many pages  of a return and determine if the “numbers” add up or are in a reasonable range for the income of the business or individual. If the business is a  ” tax exempt entity then that organization has be politically neutral. This was not the case of the groups that were “targeted”, they were active in the past elections and by that activity, they were political. This is the price they paid for their hyper activity. This is not to say that the IRS didn’t overstep but let’s face it when you are publicly politically active then you cannot claim exemption from taxes.

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