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The City Council strikes again , this new expenditure of 50K for murals is at once ludicrous and not well spent. Remember when the city bought benches for downtown at double what they could have been purchased for? It was never made clear that any Illinois or Springfield company bid on these benches at all. If the City council wants to do murals then why not replicate the murals that adorned these buildings in time past not some conceptual or neo Lincolnesque content. The city council is still being cavalier with public funds in spite of all of the rhetoric of doing a better job when they were running for election. This just shows that power gained in attaining elected office corrupts even the best(?) people. Keep this in mind when elections come around again.  This is Springfield, IL. but it could be anywhere in the U.S. The people we elect are only human and subject to errors and lapses in judgment which should keep voters on high alert at all times.
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