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As we all have seen our Congress has failed to do what we hoped they would do when we elected them (many of them for too long). In this age of instant everything (news, tweets, FB, et al) the workings or lack of by our Congress points out what we should all be aware of. Our Congress is and was always flawed primarily because they (like us) are human. The founders understood that we all are subject to human errors and in governing these errors have long ranging effects on our economy and beyond. There is and never will be a perfect legislator, C.I.C. or any other state, municipal elected official. The questions I have considered are: When did we  (voters) lose sight of our elected official’s actions on our behalf? Why did we let it go on for so long, unchecked? and what can we do it about it? The answers are varied and multiple but the one answer I can suggest is we can vote them out, keeping in mind that every 2 or 4 years we elect someone new if the current seat filler does not do their job. There are too many of us who become lulled into believing all  of the media hype because we cannot find  nor want to take the time to listen carefully so we can separate the wheat from the chaff in the rhetoric of political campaigns. The failings of our Congress ultimately becomes ours if we  do not pay close attention to what they say and do. Honor is what a person has when do what is right for all honorable is what a person is when the correct actions are taken. At this time I would be hard pressed to find either in Congress.

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Please Donate

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