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The seemingly never ending media based discussion on  legislation and actions that have long lasting  and often deleterious effects on the public continue. The Concealed carry issue, the pension issue and other highly publicized items all have been played out in the media but no real solutions are put forth. My opinion is: the elected seat fillers (Scamocrats and Dupublicans) all need to  reread Roberts Rules of order or some Parliamentary procedure that would enable them to get some real work done in the normal allotted time instead of expensive special sessions. We all want these elected representative to work for us but we pay no attention until it hits the front pages of  newspapers. We still elect these people  on their words and not their performance. If you made a purchase  at a store and the product did not perform, you have the right to return it for a refund or replacement. We have the same right with elected officials. Thereby keeping the electorate honest and above board (we hope).

Only in Illinois ( I think) can simple issues of law and government be convoluted until it so complicated that no one can administer it , aside from understanding it. This puts a terrible burden on the people who have to handle the paperwork, explain any questions and take the heat from frustrated users of the service. The lack of complete and pure resolution in these cases amounts to malfeasance as far as I am concerned, the Legislators and Governor seem to have an issue with doing the work but no problem in taking the pay for this work. The most waited event in this state is the arrival of some honest or honorable people to be the legal and administrative arms of the State.

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