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OK, now I want to present an idea I had  written about before. Obama care, affordable Healthcare or whatever you want to call it is law. There are some parts that are in effect and doing good, some parts have yet to start and have some issues. There has never been any laws that have been perfect but previous legislators (the ones who really were in it for the glory) looked at these laws and made corrections. They debated the different” ideas and made the required adjustments. The current legislators have become engrossed in staying in office and maintaining the status quo of their biggest backers and the constituents who follow their “different” ideas. They have done nothing to improve the law but everything to try to repeal or defund the law to the detriment and harm of the people who are currently being helped by the law. Congress had ample time to do what they should have done several years ago but instead they made a media circus of it with offerings of misinformation as to what it will cover and what it will not. Now the people who should be involved in this are not, therefore making the law ineffective for all. This law was made to assist ALL Americans but our “honorable” Congress decided to “stick it” to the President on the backs of the people. Thank you Congress, each one of you will eventually need the people and we will not be there for you as we will take a page from your playbook. Thanks for the lesson.

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