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The real reason for anti Obama anything is Race! Looking at all of the fights and struggles in Congress, the huge amount of false advertising and the negative media coverage is evidence enough to highlight the still obvious racial divide in America. I question the idea that someone would want a CIC who is incompetent just because he is white rather than a non white or female who is. We in the United States have a unique society that was spawned by every known ethno religious group in the world so we can be called Americans, a society of world citizens. The only true Americans are the native Americans, who we have strived to annihilate through wars and segregation. The society we destroyed and made almost irrelevant has a better structure than our current Congress yet we felt they were the savages. When alcohol was introduced, we called them drunken Indians, when largely unpaid labor was forced on humans stolen from another country, we called them property. How can a country that was built on slave labor, destruction of an existing society be called the land of the free? Our freedom will begin when we end all segregation and follow the law of the land as was intended by the founders even though they were initially perpetrators of the same acts against Native Americans and the stolen humans. In the years 2007 until now the virulent Racism reared its head and was fed by the Captains of industry through massive donations to their hopefuls and even now are still pouring fuel on the fires of distrust and separatism. There are more Americans who are not on board with these actions but not enough speak out against it. Nothing is free  so those who have not paid in through action need to pay in now!

Please Donate

Please Donate

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